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A cozy scarf for your neck


You need something cozy to keep your neck warm in windy and cold weather, but you want something that also makes you feel safe and stylish. You need an accessory that is affordable but you want one that will last more than one or two seasons of wear. You want a scarf that looks good on you but you prefer to own a scarf that does good for the planet at the same time. Now you can have everything that you need as well as all that you desire, in a size that fits you best!

This listing is for one hand-knitted scarf in a simple, classic design made from natural fibers. The item shown is a lovely red, made with yarn that is a blend of angora, wool, and bamboo. It is the size Median, which means a width of 7 inches and length of 60 inches. This scarf is a double-layer construction, without fringe on the ends; it provides maximum heat capture while allowing your skin optimal breathing ability. The stitching is a basic knit pattern on both sides, smooth and compatible with all other garments.

If you prefer to custom order, feel free to email your request!

Gift Assurance: If you purchase a gift here, whether for yourself or someone else, and your recipient is not 100% satisfied, I will try to make it right; if that’s not possible, return the item and I will send you a gift card to the department store of your choice in the amount of the purchase price plus your shipping costs to that date.