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Beanie, Southern Collection


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Infra: 14 inches circumference, 8 inches height
Median: 15 inches circumference, 9 inches height
Ultra: 15 inches circumference, 10 inches height

Colors available:
Cobalt (Median)
Everglade (Ultra)
Flamenco (all sizes)
Flax (Infra)
Laurel Leaf (all sizes)
Low Tide (all sizes)
Peche (Ultra)
Sand (all sizes)
Sienna Bronze (all sizes)
Soft White (Ultra)

Note: The color Peche (French for peach, I think) is not included in the swatches below. This is partly due to the rarity of supples in this discontinued color. I have one other Beanie (Northern collection) and one scarf (Northern, not listed yet) in this color. If you want to order something else in Peche, contact me via email and we will find a way to make it happen!

Gift Assurance: If you purchase a gift here, whether for yourself or someone else, and your recipient is not 100% satisfied, I will try to make it right; if that’s not possible, return the item and I will send you a gift card to the department store of your choice in the amount of the purchase price plus your shipping costs to that date.