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Circular/Infinity Scarves, Northern Collection

$1,500.00 - $2,500.00

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Infra: 36 to 44 inches circumference, 6 inches width
Median: 52 to 60 inches circumference, 8 inches width
Ultra: 84 to 108 inches circumference, 8 inches width

Colors available as of 11/8/20–
Echinacea (Infra, Ultra)
Laurel Leaf (Infra)
Flax (Median)
Tawny (Median)

Gift Assurance: If you purchase a gift here, whether for yourself or someone else, and your recipient is not 100% satisfied, I will try to make it right; if that’s not possible, return the item and I will send you a gift card to the department store of your choice in the amount of the purchase price plus your shipping costs to that date.